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"We can help to make you a distinct presence on the World Wide Web!"


A Breakthrough in Advertisement, Design, and Marketing!

What will set your business or home site apart from the millions of others that will soon be on the Internet? The professional design and expansive exposure of your Web Page! LionArt Web Design will provide you with an artistic Web presentation for a fraction of the cost of other Presence Providers. The network of professionally trained artists and designers at LionArt Web Design are equipped with the tools necessary to promote your page using their award-winning designs and graphics!

Advertising on the Internet with LionArt is much cheaper than ALL traditional methods of marketing. It is estimated to be at least 1/10th of the cost! No mailings, no pricey brochures and flyers... You will be listed under the category(s) that best suit your products or services throughout the World Wide Web for all to see.

LionArt Web Design will...

  • Provide you with Web Hosting including secure SSL pages or work with your local Internet Service Provider (ISP) to ensure that you get the best connection for your needs.

  • Design your World Wide Web (WWW) Page in a way which will best serve you, whether your page is a Personal Home Site or a Business Site. We will scan your graphics, favorite photos and logos, and convert your text copy to HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language).

  • Add links to your pages that will provide you and your clients with the information they need to know or links just for fun!

  • Setup of secure online (SSL) pages for acceptance of credit card orders VIA the Internet.

  • Setup of Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) for downloading of your company Brochures by clients. We can even import them from your favorite Word Processor to PDF format.   Download a Sample data sheet the Adobe Acrobat Reader Latest Version is required to read this file. After viewing why not print it out for future reference to LionArt.

  • Store and maintain your Home Page and other Pages on a secure, offline system.

  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP) transfer of your files to your ISP and assure that your links and other information function properly. We can even give you FTP access to your site with our hosting service.

  • Test your site on a variety of browsers to be sure it is viewed correctly, including text only browsers.

  • Register your site with the true power of the Internet... the search engines. You'll be tapped into the millions of people "surfin' the Net" every day!!

Web Hosting Includes the following features:

    • Your OWN Registered Domain Name (WWW.YOUR COMPANY.COM)
    • Virtual/Mirrored/Parked (Domain Names) pointed to your primary domain.
    • 10 GB of Web Space (larger sites available if needed)
    • Multiple E-Mail Boxes (Regular or Alias)
    • your own CGI-BIN
    • Site Statistics
    • Secure Pages (If needed)
    • Online Form Support
    • Private FTP Downloading Access
    • Access to Your Site Via Multiple T3, High Speed Cable or Fiber Optic Connections.

    While we do not offer ISP Internet (phone in, cable or DSL) access we will consult with you and help find the best company in your area that does have a connection. For more information on this and our many other services, send E-Mail to webmaster@lionart.com.

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