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Most Common Questions About LionArt Web Design the World Wide Web, and the Internet.

What services does LionArt Web Design provide?

What Can LionArt Web Design provide for me?

LionArt Web Design can provide you with a wide array of services tailored to your exact needs, including; Web Page and Site Design, Internet Access along with maintenance and updates of your site, see Web Design .

What is the Internet?

The Internet and the World Wide Web is an electronic media using computers to explore, share information, market, advertise, and sell throughout the world. Once a page is designed for a company or family, it is placed in a series of Search Engines so that anyone with access to the WWW can find out information at their fingertips.

Why advertise and sell on the Internet?

Most businesses spend an outrageous amount of money each year on advertising and marketing. Through the Internet WWW revolution, business exposure goes up while the cost of advertising goes down. Many businesses have already entered the WWW and their businesses are flourishing. The Internet has become the most utilized source for all types of data. Students, families, businesses, anyone at all, can retrieve information about anything they need. Television commercials and shows are already providing Internet addresses (URL’s) for access information. Each day that your business is not on line, is a missed opportunity to be exposed to many new customers.

Should I wait to advertise on the Internet WWW?

There is never a bad time to start advertising on the WWW, however, each day hundreds of businesses are getting linked to the Net. Statistics prove that more and more people everyday, including schools, homes and businesses are using the WWW to provide them with almost all their needs. The World Wide Web has already quadrupled within the last 2 years, with numbers growing at an average of 30,000 new “surfers” every day. (A surfer is someone browsing on the WWW.)

Will anyone see my advertisement on the Internet?

Of course they will. When placed with the proper Search Engines, people will be able to access your advertisement page by a click of a button. They search for a key word and then a brief summary of your business appears on the screen. After that, they click on the advertisement to get a full overview of your services. When someone does a search on the Internet and finds information they like and will want to use, they have the capability to Bookmark or to Link that page of information to their pages which provides more access for your site (FREE). Whomever visits those sites (home pages) can also access your page, and it doesn’t stop here, it goes on and on and on.

Why should a regional business advertise on the Internet?

Small or large, your business could benefit from exposure on the World Wide Web. People from all over the world access the Internet everyday searching for services. Many people search for services through the Internet to obtain a phone number or an address for a company that they otherwise might not have known existed, they can even shop in your site for an additional cost. Local people in your area that use the Internet as a directory or for resources, will put a keyword in their search stating a particular area that they wish to do business with. By having your business on the Internet provides customers with an immediate gateway to your businesses information not only for local customers but for a multitude of others.

What if I don’t have a computer hooked up to the Internet?

LionArt Web Design can set your business up even without your own private Internet Access capability. If your business does have a computer, the Internet could be hooked up to your system in one day. Internet access to the WWW could be provided for you to monitor your own page or pages and to explore the new generation of advertising and sales.

Do I get to view the page before it’s activated?

Yes. You will approve each page to guarantee that it provides the creativity and atmosphere that best represents your business.

How expensive is Internet access?

Not very much at all. Depending on your needs there are a variety of plans available to choose from starting at only $15.00 per month.

How can I get my business on the Internet?

Simply Email your questions to: webmaster@lionart.com and our professional staff will provide you with a personal overview to get you up and running.

What if I need a Logo?

Our professional design and graphic artists can provide you with a logo to meet your specifications.

Where do I start?

Simply by Emailing webmaster@lionart.com for a personal overview. Our staff will provide you with all the facts and information about getting you up and running in no time at all. LionArt Web Design will handle whatever it is we need to, from designing to technical abilities. We can start from scratch or take something already in the making and as a result provide you with a clean, crisp, and fast linking page for customers to view.


What about the quality of the pages?

From basic to intricate design, whatever your needs are, we can provide the service for you. Take a moment and view some of our award winning designs on our samples page.

Consulting Services?

LionArt Web Design will consult with you and give you a complete overview for your wants and needs. The initial consultation will be free. Any additional consultations will be billed at a reasonable rate. For more information Email us at webmaster@lionart.com.

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